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Abstract: Educators believe that good   relationships between teachers and students are important in the learning process. There are numerous variables which determine to various degrees the ‘success’ of any particular learning environment. One of the key variables is the nature of the student-teacher interaction. Effective teachers have a knowledge base that   can provide leadership to a group of students under their charge. At the same time it is important that this “teacher as leader” concept does not lead to excessive emphasis on control, order and efficiency at the expense of the responsibility attributed to the students for their own learning, and to be creative and spontaneous in behaviour. So there has to be a balance between control and freedom. The quality ofi nterpersonal behaviour and relationship of the teacher with his students is an indication of the quality of leadership in the classroom. But how toproperly recognize and evaluate the nature of the student-teacher interaction? The model of Leary and QTI tool is a useful answer to this question.
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